About Talis

Talis Kimberley is an award-winning songwriter with a hatful of amazing songs to her credit. She’s been writing prolifically and performing for over 25 years, and her songs have been inspired by – and continue to address – such diverse subjects as knitting and gardening, baking and politics, books and history, faith, farming, and the making of lists! Some of her songs are a call to arms to create communities and to work together for a fairer and more sustainable world – while others may tell you how to make quince jelly, or relate the history of the Cotswold sheep.

Bristol-born and now Wiltshire-based, Talis plays guitar and bouzouki, and she considers herself a novice fiddler. She’s dabbled in local politics, standing in two General Elections, and Chairing her local Parish Council for a time. She usually has knitting or patchwork nearby, whatever else she’s doing.

Talis is an energetic performer who delights in taking her audience places and bringing them back, changed. A storyteller to her bones, Talis’s songs will challenge you, entertain you, and take root in your heart.

This year has not been a year for live gigs, of course, though previously Talis has performed around the UK, in the US, and in Canada and Germany, whether solo or with her international ‘floating’ bandmates. Instead of live gigs, she has performed a series of ‘Kitchen Sessions’ in which she presents old and new songs from her kitchen sofa, by livestream.

Talis is planning the successor to her recent mini-albums ‘Cloth of Gold – Songs of Sheep and Farming’ and ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’s Knitting – Songs of Spinning and Yarncraft’.

Three earlier studio albums are also available, ‘Archetype Cafe’, ‘The Hearth and the Hive’, and ‘Queen of Spindles’. Both the later two chart her engagement with climate change and resource depletion, telling stories from the global stage, and the kitchen and garden.

The working title for Talis’s current output is ‘Songs of Solace and Radical Compassion’, because that’s what we need right now – an offering of kindness and peace in an uncertain world.