Welcome to my website! I’m Talis Kimberley, & I write & sing songs, usually with my splendid band: Chantelle sings warp to my weft, Simon adds the secret weapon – bassoon! – & I play guitar & bouzouki. We travel around the UK & beyond, performing mainly at folk clubs & festivals.

Whether you’re interested in my green/political songs, my history/literary songs, or those inspired by folklore, tea & cake, or knitting, I hope you find what you’re after here!

Interested in booking me & the band? Visit ‘Contacts’ for my media pack & associated information.

Want to know more, ask me something, or make a gig happen near you? Drop me a line, or come find me on Facebook or Twitter!

Next Gig:
Fforde Ffiesta 10th Anniversary (23rd/24th May) ( 24th May 2015 )


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    Talis Kimberley
    4th April, 2015 at 10:51 am

    I'm off to Eastercon - Dysprosium, at Heathrow - to gig for an audience of science fiction fans, and *with* not only my splendid bandmates & Simon, but also my dear friend Seanan McGuire. Which will be a great adventure smile emoticon
    I'm also giving a short talk as part of the 'Porcupine Quills' programme, on books which have influenced me.
    I'll likely be in a long green jacket and a bumblebee scarf, and I'll only be at the con for a few hours - booktalk, soundcheck, gig, and away - so please grab a moment to come and say hello, hey?