Welcome to my website! I’m Talis Kimberley, & I write & sing songs, usually with my splendid band: Chantelle sings warp to my weft, Simon adds the secret weapon – bassoon! – & I play guitar & bouzouki. We travel around the UK & beyond, performing mainly at folk clubs & festivals.

Whether you’re interested in my green/political songs, my history/literary songs, or those inspired by folklore, tea & cake, or knitting, I hope you find what you’re after here!

Interested in booking me & the band? Visit ‘Contacts’ for my media pack & associated information.

Want to know more, ask me something, or make a gig happen near you? Drop me a line, or come find me on Facebook or Twitter!

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    • No, that's not the name of the new song, i was commenting on exercise and brain work... But it would make a good title, yes? 😊,
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    Talis Kimberley
    23rd August, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Hello people! Been a while since I was posting here, I know - I have a personal profile under the same name, where there is much more traffic, whether I'm wittering about music, politics, knitting, gardens or something else. Please feel free to come and find me there!

    This summer included a glorious set at Druidcamp (unleash the Festival ending!) and a triumphant Loncon (World SF convention in London) at both of which events I continue to carve out a path where I get to sing my songs AND talk politics as well :-) Respectful debate is good. I don't try to reason with unreasonable people. And I really must finish that song about the Empress Matilda for our Autumn gigs... xx