World’s End

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 2006)

I bought my little cottage just a year before the crash
Ownership means less now than it did
Just a couple dozen houses round a tiny village green
And the hills do what they can to keep us hid
Seemed like the perfect place to run to, back when
I was just identifying trends; I’ve got a
Little land, good neighbours and a shotgun
Here at World’s End.

I don’t think we’ll starve but everybody’s hungry
I don’t think I’ll see my family again
My sister’s kids were living in North London
I don’t think of them too often, it’s not a good way to stay sane
There used to be some radio from Swindon
Eight months ago the signal failed to send
I’d like to hope that there are other places
Like World’s End

Just a village in the heart of good old England
With a saxon church and a pub they couldn’t close
Far enough, I think, from what used to be cities
And what it’s like there now god only knows; well we
Take our turns to watch the road. We’re ready
We’ve got traps set up where the lane begins to bend
I never killed a man but I’d do it in a heartbeat
Here at World’s End.

A Little Bit About 'World’s End'...

A village. A home. A refuge. A place worth protecting when the time comes.

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