Tea and Kisses

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 1992)

Now tell me you don’t recall waking
Insist you don’t know what you said
When you opened your eyes all blinded with sleep
And the dreams spilling out of your head
Like ice returning to water, the vision bled out of your sight –
Well, we all say strange things when we waken in the night

And tell me don’t recall staring
With such a great look of surprise
Who else did you think it was, there in your bed
Looking into your unawake eyes
It’s alright, you know, I believe you, though you gave me a moment of fright –
Well, we all do strange things when we waken in the night

Now tell me you don’t recall turning
And holding me close while you slept
Curled up like a child around some treasured toy
That’s cherished and lovingly kept
Come morning, you’ll bring tea and kisses, draw the curtains and let in the light
And I’ll laugh when you ask if I wakened in the night.

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