Talliston Unplugged – Talis at Talliston

Talliston is a unique living art installation, a twenty-five-year undertaking to transform a three-bedroomed, ex-council house in Essex into thirteen distinct areas in different times and spaces. Perfect for small gigs and events, the central Watchtower offers the setting of a 13th century tower room furnished by Victorians in the late nineteenth century.

From the first song to the last, Talis Kimberley and her band engaged the audience on a musical and emotional level, the intimate candlelit environment making her self-penned blend of medieval folk and acoustic rock deliciously seductive in the extreme. Her two forty-minute sets, broken by a light supper, left guests glowing with the kind of magic thought long lost to the world. A lyrical, thought-provoking, humorous – and even spiritual – evening. The perfect fit of band for our special venue.

John Trevillian, Talliston, April 2011.