Talis Kimberley
Main vocals, Bouzouki, Guitar

Combining the magical and the everyday with a deft hand and a unique viewpoint, Talis Kimberley is a performer watch.

Working either solo or with her band, Talis is equally at home in the intimate setting of an Arts Centre or on a festival stage. Her material deals with subject matters as diverse as Quince Jelly, Peak Oil, and the hypothetical BBC commentary on Greek history. Her compelling lyrics are wrapped in multi-layered melodies and arrangements which showcase the songs perfectly. You can never be sure whether Talis’ next song will move you to tears, laughter or dance – or possibly all three!

She works with guitar and bouzouki, and has particular fun layering harmonies with her band, all of whom sing. Bassoon and whistles, trumpet, and plenty of acapella arrangements can all feature in a full Talis concert set.

Talis has been writing for many years, and is a celebrated comic-script author as well as a prize-winning songwriter. Like all the finest authors, her creative voice has changed over the years so she presents something new with every gig or album. Her first album, “Archetype Café”, was recorded partly in France and partly in England. It is a whimsical view of how the urban and fantastical can sit side-by-side in any setting, and was launched during the “Archetype Café Tour” of England, Germany, the US and Canada.

Talis’s next album, “The Hearth and The Hive”, addresses the current zeitgeist of green issues, energy crises and the stock market amongst many other subjects. However, she manages this through her trademark narrative style, telling stories through her songs and always finding an unexpected – sometimes downright subversive – viewpoint.

Her most recent studio album, “Queen of Spindles”, takes the themes of the previous work and brings them home to your kitchen and garden with whimsy, poignancy and energy. Her current writing includes a rich vein of WWII-inspired songs, a series of return visits to well-known folk tales, and a number of increasingly political pieces that highlight social justice issues with passion and grace.

All of Talis’s studio recordings are available through iTunes and CDBaby, she also showcases topical and very new material through her Bandcamp platform.

If asked to list what she does in her spare time, Talis may laugh at the concept. Here is a writer and performer who fills every moment with all the good things that life has to offer – music, creativity, song, family, friends and laughter. Her world spills into her songs – cats and patchwork, ghosts and gardens, journeys within or without, the secret lives of teabags and just what *did* Lady Macbeth say to Helen of Troy?”