Pagan Angel

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 1991)

She was some kind of Pagan Angel
And she dazzled me with her eyes
I thought I was all alone there
I looked up at her in surprise
And she looked like the Queen of Midnight
And she smiled like the summer sun
She was holding a silver chalice
To catch the water as I had done

With this beautiful Pagan Angel
I was soon sharing a holy rite
First she drank from the sacred water
Then my own thirst she did invite
So I drank from her silver chalice
Where her own lips had lately met
And so entered a sweet communion
Whose spell has never been broken yet…

When this beautiful Pagan Angel
Smiled at me from across the well
Her eyes drew me lke liquid sapphire
Into twin pools of light I fell
I was drowning in holy beauty
As I followed her to the hill
And at sunset she bade me hold her
I was eager to do her will…

We made love with the earth beneath us
And the dew settled on our skin
And the world was remade about us
And the act was a holy thing
And she kissed me before she left me
And sang a hymn to the evening star
Oh my beautiful Pagan Angel
Sometimes I wonder how real you are…

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