On Crochet

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 2015)

Once upon a time, every thread, however fine
Was spun upon a spindle turned by hand
And every woven length of whatever width or strength
Resulted from the warp the weaver planned.

But human ingenuity brought crafters superfluity
As one by one their jobs dissolved away
Till just one craft remained for which no device was trained
And that still depends on human hands today.

The in, out, loop and through we crocheters learn to do
Still relies upon a nuanced pair of hands
It’s the tension and the grip, how the hook must turn and dip
That’s a thing no mechanism understands.

In a world of fast and cheap, somehow, crochet gets to keep
The unique cachet of needing to be made
By a human over time and I think that’s rather fine
And I celebrate the craftwork so displayed.

A Little Bit About 'On Crochet'...

Emma, again, told me one day that crochet was the only yarncraft that hadn't been mechanised. This means that every bit of crochet in existence now or that ever has been made, has been made by human hands, and I rather like that. My crocheting friends who don't knit- there are many of them - had asked for something that celebrated their craft particularly. This is for them.

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