Lucet The Braid

(Words © Talis Kimberley 2006 and music 'The Cutty Wren', Trad.)

‘Oh, what shall we make now?’, said Dolly to Bobbin
‘Oh, what shall we make now?’ said Lucet the Braid;
‘We’ll patchwork a kingdom’ said Needle to Thimble’
‘With crochet to border the country we’ve made’.

‘What size shall we make it?’ said Dolly to Bobbin
‘What size shall we make it?’ said Peg Loom to Pin
‘As large as the quilt on the Moon’s own four-poster
With pockets of velvet to keep secrets in’

‘What colours shall we make it?’ said Dolly to Bobbin
‘What colours shall we make it?’ said Lucet to Hook
‘Whatever you fancy’ said Needle to Thimble’
‘I’ll empty my basket, and we’ll all have a look’

‘Here’s braiding for the rivers’ said Dolly to Bobbin
‘Here’s weaving for the meadows’ said Peg Loom with pride
‘Here’s stitches so fine that the Moon needs her glasses
To unpick the pockets where the stars try to hide’

‘Oh, is it not lovely?’ cried Dolly to Bobbin
‘Oh, is it not lovely?’ answered Lucet the Braid
‘Oh, don’t lets make people to live there’ said Thimble
‘They’ve not long had the last one, have you seen how it’s frayed?’

A Little Bit About 'Lucet The Braid'...

This is actually quite an old song of mine, and one of my earliest to show thte environmental strand that is now such a strong thread in my songwriting. I’d always had a soft spot for the melody of ‘The Cutty Wren’, and some silly conversation or other had me imagining all sorts of crafty tools and gadgets conversing with one another in a whimsically-cosmic workbasket – Dolly Bobbin and Lucet started it off, of course, and it grew from there. I’m very fond of this song, which in fact Simon debuted in my stead when he was in Canada with the N’Early Music Consort. I have sung it myself since, but not often.

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