Lady Moon

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 2010)

Lady Moon holds a mask before her features
They are paler than the pearls her mother wore;
Lady Moon gathers music in her fingers
As she watches every dancer on the floor.
Lady Moon’s silver slippers bear her softly
And the room stills about her as she goes
Every footfall a kiss
Between the heavens and the earth
But which of these fine dancers left the rose?

Lady Moon, will you dance with me
Just once while I am mortal?
For there is no woman I would rather
Gather in my arms
And though the price of my impertinence
Be such that after just one dance –
I burn away to ashes, so I choose;
Lady Moon, tell me: what have you to lose?

Lady Moon holds a rose of paper petals
Scribed about with sweet words that she has read
She will speak to her messenger come morning
Who delivered this and laid it by her bed
But for now, she regards each mortal dancer
And a soft luminescence lights each face
All are still as she finally makes answer
And her will holds each one of them in place.

Lady Moon, will you dance with me…

Lady Moon removes the mask so he can see her
And the pale fire that dances on her skin
Mute, his eyes give assent as she steps closer
As they touch, she compels the dance begin
Now should she burn him for his courage?
Should she punish him for this?
Should she vanish when the dance ends,
Or surrender one slow kiss?
Should she set him in her heavens
As an avatar of light?
Should she let him go now gently,
And hope he forgets this night?

Lady Moon smiles as slowly as the world turns
Once he’d asked, she was helpless to refuse
But while the dance is underway
And she compels the music play
Lady Moon will worry later how to choose
And after all, what has Lady Moon to lose?

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