Greenmantle Magazine Relaunch

Distancing herself from the more obvious, ‘in-your-face’ Pagan songs, Talis Kimberley offers more mature, lyrical and mythic substance to her songs, blended with a healthy dose of self-awareness, cynicism and environmental issues, a blend which is perfectly delivered with a strong and emotional voice and a variety of instrumentation. Her live performance is warm, friendly and endearing. The music, eclectic, the singing enchanting, Talis delivers on every level. Her musical styles creating a musical veneer both sweet and bitter. All the songs beautifully conceived and performed, messages and stories never upstaging the music.

Few performers can generate a rapport with her audience as Talis Kimberley does. A genuine article – entertaining, moving and comfortable whether playing acoustic or amplified. She is a joy to behold and it is no coincidence that since being discovered she has been a performer for all of our events to date. Once encountered, Talis leaves a lasting impression, and her songs will leave you with tunes and lyrics that refuse to leave the memory and every album is a classic.

Paul Pearson, Editor, Greenmantle Magazine, September 2010.