The Grace And The Gift

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 2012)

May your beasts go well and thrive
May your walls and roof stand strong
May your well give water clear
And your days be long
May your bones not lack for strength
May your hearth not lack for flame
May your nights be full with rest
And your stores with grain

And the oldest songs are sung
And the oldest tales are told
When the year its promise keeps
And the wheat turns gold
That the sun once more shall rise
That the rain once more shall fall
And by the grace and gift of both
Shall the wheat stand tall

A Little Bit About 'The Grace And The Gift'...

The eighth and final episode of the BBC series ‘Wartime Farm’ concerned the harvest. In a time where a failed harvest meant hunger for you and your family and neighbours, the turning of the wheat to gold in the fields was a momentous and life-affirming occasion. Whatever beliefs you may or may not hold, a little gratitude for the food that sustains us seems appropriate. And this was the first time I wrote purely for voices and bassoon. We sing this sometimes as an encore – only for particularly nice audiences, because this means so much to us!

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