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Media Pack

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Videos of live performance

To give you an idea of what Talis and her band look and sound like live, are some YouTube videos of their performances.

Talis, Simon and Chantelle performing ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’s Knitting’ at Treefest 2012.
Video by the 4014 Project
Talis and Chantelle performing ‘Second Born’ at Havant Music Club, January 2013.
Video by Mark Long


“Right there in the vein… I’d love to hear more of your stuff”
Mike Harding
“Awesome songs! What a great collection of songs… We will definitely have to have you at Hove Folk Club, if you fancy a trip to the seaside sometime!”
Robb Johnson
“Quirky songs with a message, and some ace knitwear!”
Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio folk presenter & Festival at the Edge organiser
“This was sent to me a few days ago, I very much like it, it’s in a sort of fine old English folk tradition, though it refers to extremely current affairs, and by someone who revels in the name of Talis Kimberley. And if your name is Talis Kimberley, then you’d probably better sound like this… very up- to-date… that’s a marvellous sound you’ve got going there…”
Mitch Benn
“Subtle and funny and f*cking INSIDIOUS. Your music has the ability to change worlds.”
Annie Walker, Festival Organiser (Spring Green, Lincoln)
“How much adoration in prose can you take? …Talis was splendid this year at Little Green Gathering. Her songs ring with meaning as well as musicality … a great all round sound that went down well with the crowd.”
Tim Dawes, organiser, Little Green Gathering
“…Absolutely fabulous performance last evening. Your songs were every bit of a match for the event… the audience reacted even more wildly than I dared hope – bless ’em! Do please come back and play for us again…”
Phil McMullen, ‘Fforde Fiesta’ organiser
“I thoroughly enjoyed your set… and would recommend you to organisers of other similar events.  You were great to deal with – punctual, professional, pleasant – and flexible in fitting in while preserving your own standards and quality. You and your music brought a great burst of energy and positivity to re-vitalise an audience that had been concentrating on unfamiliar poems and voices – that can be hard work! – the material was carefully chosen for the occasion and time available – and of course the library song went down a storm!!!”
Elinor Brooks, Swindon Festival of Literature
“…nicely crafted songs with strong vocals and a delightfully melodic combination of bouzouki and five-string acoustic bass… a definite hit with all present.  We look forward to having them play for us again next year.”
The Folk Thing, Leicestershire
“…when you come to play at the Kingcombe Centre your presence and music is always well received, lifting spirits and bringing smiles to faces, especially when playing the spoon shanty!”
Sophie, The Kingcombe Centre, Dorset
“Professor du Sautoy really enjoyed the song and thought it was very funny.” (Clever Men).
Jenny Hu, PA to Professor Marcus du Sautoy
“Enthusiastic and vibrant, and of very high quality.”
Doug Kennedy, Long Crendon Folk Club
“You write very sticky songs!”
Juliet Fleming, potter
“Talis is a real artist, and that’s what real artists do – put us in touch with our emotions. They don’t push brands or create marketing phenomena, they mine the soul and show us the results.”
Helen McCarthy, writer and cultural commentator
“It was hard to resist booking a singer who included songs about planting an orchard and making quince jam in her repertoire for our Full Bloom Festival… Talis’ music blended so perfectly with the orchard setting and the mood of our festival. The reaction from our visitors as they walked in to the orchard was surprise and delight… The combination of a beautiful sound and such thoughtful lyrics was spot on for us… hope to work with you again soon.”
Kate Merry, Orchard Project Officer, National Trust
“Wyrd and wonderful with great tunes and a great message. A quite bewitching night.”
Russ Chandler, Walthamstow Folk Club
“Highlights of the set included a rousing singalong of eco-anthem “Spoon”, Chantelle Smith’s gypsy dancing to classic oldie “Appleby Fair”, the mystical “Jack Hare”, and the rousing “Common Bunting”, which I think is the only song I’ve ever heard about a washing line. …folky, literate songs, thought-provoking but with a generous dash of humour. We would welcome her back anytime.”
Joanne Hall, Bristolcon organiser & author
“From the first song to the last, Talis Kimberley and her band engaged the audience on a musical and emotional level… deliciously seductive in the extreme. A lyrical, thought-provoking, humorous – and even spiritual – evening. The perfect fit of band for our special venue.”
John Trevellian, author and Master of Talliston
“The high point of the evening was a performance by Talis Kimberley… thoughtful and humorous… everyday life and commentary on the excessive consumption of society.  We look forward to welcoming Talis back to Haddenham at another event.”
David Lyons, Haddenham in Transition
“Talis Kimberley’s The Steps of St.Paul’s is a masterpiece of the topical song…”
Clayton Denwood
“I love the lyrics… really interesting and unique.”
Dee Jarlett, formerly of the duo Orion
“…I love the music you sent me. Holy cow, is it good stuff. I’ve heard a lot of music with similar themes, and without fail it’s all been obvious, didactic and trite. Yours, though…yours is amazing stuff. You make great songs out of things that shouldn’t make great songs.”
Alex Bledsoe, author
“Bloody marvellous”
Mark Stanton, Biodynamic and organic farmer
“Fun and entertaining yet thoughtful and provoking. But perhaps the most powerful demonstration of Talis’s songs happened on a glorious sunny day, sat on the floor chatting at a picnic in Chiseldon, and yet when the music began silence descended and everybody turned enchanted by sound.”
Neil Pullen, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.
“Deliciously eclectic… Few performers can generate a rapport with her audience as Talis Kimberley does. A genuine article – entertaining, moving and comfortable whether playing acoustic or amplified. She is a joy to behold and it is no coincidence that since being discovered she has been a performer for all of our events to date. Once encountered, Talis leaves a lasting impression, and her songs will leave you with tunes and lyrics that refuse to leave the memory.”
Paul Pearson, Editor, Greenmantle Magazine, and event promoter
“Very enjoyable listening! A fine range of song topics and styles, wrapped up in lovely singing and fine playing. It’s intelligent, folk-influenced singer-songwriter music with a sense of place and a feeling for nature and seasonality mixed with reflections on modern life in England today, presented in 14 songs that invite the listener to dig deeper and discover more.”
Folk Cast, UK Folk podcaster

Past Gigs and Upcoming Gigs

Some of 2013’s gigs so far include:

  • Hove Folk Club
  • Seend Acoustic Club
  • Fforde Fiesta (return trip)
  • Trowbridge Village Pump
  • Havant Music Club
  • White Horse Folk Club
  • Greenmantle Magazine 20th Anniversary Gathering

Highlights of 2012’s gigs include:

  • Soul Food Bookshop, Seattle, US
  • Occupy Portsmouth
  • ‘The Folk Thing’ Folk Festival (return trip)
  • ‘Spring Green’ Festival, Lincoln
  • Fforde Fiesta
  • Festival at the Edge, Much Wenlock
  • Little Green Gathering, Sussex
  • Occupy Nottingham
  • Treefest, Glos (return trip)
  • Conway Hall, London
  • Southbank Club, Bristol
  • Bristolcon (return trip, 3rd year)
  • Swindon Beer Festival

Highlights of 2011’s gigs include:

  • FilKontario, Toronto, Canada
  • ‘The Folk Thing’ folk festival, Ashby Folville
  • Swindon Festival of Literature
  • London Green Fair
  • Somerfest, Maiden Bradley
  • ‘Summer of Love and Music’ Festival, Rove’s Farm
  • Treefest, Glos
  • Long Crendon Folk Club
  • Bristolcon (return trip)
  • Occupy LSX at St Pauls, London
  • Walthamstow Folk Club
  • Grimsthorpe Festival
  • Friends of the Earth conference

Highlights of 2010’s gigs include:

  • ‘Full Bloom’ festival, Penrith, for the National Trust
  • Guest of Honour at Duckon, Chicago, US
  • Redbridge Fair Music Festival, Ilford
  • Bristolcon
  • Winterlong Festival, Wilts