Your Crimson Bride

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 1997)

There is no land for conquest here
Nor the gift of future’s promise
Brid me no runes; I am no seer
What blessing from an empty chalice?
I am no prize that you should win me
I am no new-found claiming
Only this hour I hold you near
Fool though you be to love a changeling

Build me no cage of gilded bars
Your finest arts could never hold me
Swear me no oaths, I crave them not –
Such pretty lies are often told me
Your heart’s your own, I am not its hunter
No glamour this sweet passion
No more than truth this changeling dares
Fool though you be to ask the question

And journey well when I am gone
Soon enough indeed I shall be
Hear in your dreams my fading song
Warning travellers not to love me
Your crimson bride I will not be
Your time is all I’m taking
I’ll share your path some little way
Fool though you be to love a changeling

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