Collaborations and Guest Performances

Albums Talis has contributed to either as a guest musician or in collaboration with a group of musicians.


  • Album Name: Why Can’t Penguins Filk? : Songs from FilKONtario 7
    Year: 2003 , Producer: ADC Studios.
    Track(s): 3. Mandolins (Vivaldi/Kimberley) 7. Belladonna Pie (Tchaikovsky/Kimberley) 11. The Alchemist’s Landlady 20. Death Danced At My Party

  • Album Name: FilkCONtinental 1999-2000: The Programme Has Changed
    Year: 2004 , Producer: Edition PEGASUS.
    Track(s): 1. Marchwood 21. Tattercoats

  • Album Name: Pagan Folk Against Fascism
    Year: 2010 , Producer: Pagan Folk Against Fascism.
    Track(s): 13. 1400 Hours

As Guest Musician

  • Album Name: Dancing Flames
    Main Artist: Phoenix , Year: 1991 , Producer: NéPALM Music.
    Track(s): Ceinwen's Bow (written by Talis Kimberley)

  • Album Name: Current Obsessions
    Main Artist: May Ellen Wessels , Year: 1996 , Producer: Love Song Productions.
    Track(s): She is Always There (harmony vocals)

  • Album Name: Wassaliens and Other Unexpected Noises
    Main Artist: Zander Nyrond , Year: 1999 , Producer: A Bear Peering Round A Rock.
    Track(s): A3 - Mimsey Were The Borogroves, B7 - Alchemy

  • Album Name: Abseiling For Beginners
    Main Artist: Playing Rapunzel , Year: 2009 , Producer: Club GK.
    Track(s): 6 – The Beat of Drums (bouzouki)