Cloth of Gold - Tales of Sheep and Farming

This is the first of several themed ‘mini-albums’ which I have planned, and which are being produced in as low-impact a way as possible. Rather than include a lyric booklet in with the CD, I decided to put the lyrics here online for you instead. This also gives me lots of room to talk about the songs as well!

  1. Corn Jenny
  2. Ploughing At Night
  3. Green Again
  4. Lowlands Pacific
  5. Cloth of Gold
  6. A Sheep Shanty
  7. Close The Gate
  8. Five Bales High
  9. The Shepherd’s Farewell
  10. The Grace And The Gift
  11. Barleycorn Coda

Release Information

Release Year - 2016
Format - CD

Featured Artists

Talis Kimberley - vocals, guitar, bouzouki, English concertina
Simon Fairbourn - bassoon, electric bassoon, clarinet, double bass, bass guitar
Chantelle Smith - percussion
Nicola Ashton - violin
Emma Turner - backing vocal
Dayton mob: Dave Forster, Emma, Chantelle, Simon