Chantelle Smith
Percussion, Backing Vocals

Chantelle Smith joined Talis’s band about five minutes after the first time Talis heard her sing. She was singing one of Talis’s songs at the time and that seems to have made an impression. Chantelle’s expressive and poignant vocals twine around Talis’s voice in ways that defy the title ‘backing singer’ entirely. ‘Co-singer’ seems more appropriate, and Talis increasingly writes songs with two voices in mind. It’s a rare gig that nobody comments on the exquisite blending of Chantelle’s voice with Talis’s. Chantelle also plays percussion.

Her background in archeology, sheep-herding and euphonium-playing seem to have given her the flexibility and courage she needs to handle her onstage role with grace – whether singing as a dead fish, a knitting pattern, or counterpointing Talis’s words with her own in the other half of the story…”