Blackthorn Winter

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 2006)

In a blackthorn winter there was frost upon the ground
And she gathered her aprons and picked up her baskets and scattered seeds around
And the shape of her honour was a simple case of pride
Ooh, ooh

And in a blackthorn winter there were hands upon the spade
And she thought of the garden, the bread, and the promise and other things she’d made
And the shape of her longing was a thing she kept inside
Ooh, ooh

 .she put food on the table and logs on the fire.

In a blackthorn winter she was mute, and she was spent
As she gave back the courage, the strength and the passion she’d borrowed or been lent
And the shape of her grieving was a thing she’d held too long
Ooh, ooh

In a blackthorn winter she opened up the earth
And she kissed out the candle she’d lit for pale Bridget who waited for the birth
And the shape of her praying was the silence and the song

A Little Bit About 'Blackthorn Winter'...

In the cold of winter, silence and pain surround us. But seasons turn.

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