Any Kind Of Light

(Words and music by and © Talis Kimberley, 1992)

Sunlight wakes me
Warm and still
Moonlight moves me
Always will;
Firelight warms me
Starlight stirs me
No light at all makes me feel
Glad to be with you.

The shadows on the ceiling make the shapes of all the places that
You and I could travel to, plaster maps of cruise routes and
With the curtains drawn, we could be anyone, we could be anywhere
Lying here by lamplight: and I think of
All the kinds of light, all the kinds of light
All the kinds of light we live by, by
Any kind of light, by no light at all, I’m
Glad I’m yours.

A Little Bit About 'Any Kind Of Light'...

You have to have lived in old houses to see the image clearly.

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